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How do you block accidental clicks?
How do you block accidental clicks?
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Accidental clicks are defined as any click that isn't intentional.

This is especially common on mobile devices where users often hit ads inadvertently when scrolling on social media or news feeds. On desktop this is frequent with video ads where users may miss the "skip" button or where ads are strategically placed on top of the video play button.

You can read more about accidental clicks on our blog:

How do we prevent accidental clicks?

We identify accidental clickers as user who arrive on your site from a mobile device or desktop and then bounce in less than 2 seconds.

Our data shows these users didn't intend to redirect to your site and are leaving before your site finishes loading or before they even have a chance to read your headline.

We then block these user's IP address and associated devices and prevent your ads from displaying to this accidental user.


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