What is my "Fraud Score"?
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Fraud Blocker monitors your ad traffic and provides you with an overall "Fraud Score" for your account.

We like to compare this to a credit score and, by using our software, you should see this number decline over time as we remove bad traffic from clicking on your ad campaigns.

Here is an example of your fraud score for a specific domain name in your account:

We also provide a fraud score for each visitor that arrives to your website based on their individual IP address.

Here is an example of that:

Where can I see my fraud score?

You can view your fraud scores in 3 areas of our platform.

All of these are available from our main navigation menu on the left side of our webapp.

How is my fraud score calculated?

Your overall Fraud Score is based on the percent of visitor IPs that we determine to be fraud or invalid based on all of your ad traffic. We display this score as a range from 0-10 and bucket them into 3 categories: Clean, Suspected and Invalid

We also score each individual IP address using the same range. These scores are based on the volume of fraud and each IP receives. Scores increase as new fraud types are detected or the frequency of fraud is increased.

Here's a breakdown of our scoring categories:

  • Clean (Score of 1-4): This traffic is considered to be normal and represents natural human-like behavior.

  • Suspected (Score of 4-7): This traffic has some bad behavior that is worth monitoring back should not be blocked.

  • Invalid (Score of 7-10): We determine that these users, based on their IP address, are abusive or have committed some fraudulent behavior that is worth blocking immediately. It may be a bot or competitor that has clicked your ad repeatedly or a source that is using a VPN to hide their behavior (learn more about our fraud types here).

What is the average score?

The average score across all of our clients is around 2.4 (as of November 2022).

Do you also score organic traffic?

Yes, however, we DO NOT use fraud scores from your organic, direct and other non-paid traffic as part of your Fraud Score.

While we calculate the scores for these other sources and provide them to you in your Reports, they are omitted from your Fraud Score and from being sent to your IP exclusion list in your Google Ads account since they are not from advertising traffic sources.

Which scores are blocked?

Once an IP address reaches a score of 7 or higher, then that IP is considered to be "Invalid." We then send that address in near real-time to the exclusion list in each active campaign in your Google Ads account.


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