How do I connect an MCC account?
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Our platform allows you to easily connect an individual Google Ads account or your Manager account ("MCC"). For instructions on connecting your individual Google Ads account, visit this article.

In order to send bad IPs to individual child accounts within your MCC, you must link to our Google Ads Fraud Blocker account. This allows us to identify the account numbers for each child account and only sync to the ones you select. Without this linking, we would only identify the account number of your parent MCC account and we would be unable to sync bad IPs to your child accounts.

Steps to connect your MCC account:

1. Go to your Google Ads Setup area in your Fraud Blocker dashboard.

2. Open the drop down menu "For Manager Accounts (MCC)."

3. Type in your MCC account number and send an invite to join our MCC account:

4. Accept the invite sent to your MCC account

5. Once accepted go back to your Google Ads Setup area in your Fraud Blocker dashboard and select "Sign in with Google."

6. Select the Google Ads account you would like us to connect to and follow these standard instructions for connecting your Google Ads account.

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