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How do I add or manage users for my account?
How do I add or manage users for my account?
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Fraud Blocker allows you to add users to your account and define their account permissions.

Here is screenshot of our user management area:

Steps to add a user to your account:

  1. Login to your Fraud Blocker account

  2. Go to "My Account" -> "User Management" -> "Add User"

  3. Then complete the fields

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Email Address

    • Access Level

  4. Select "Send Invitation:

The user will receive an email requiring them to create an account:

Once they have created their account, you can then change their permissions anytime within the same "User Management" area. This includes which areas of the site they can access and which domain names they can view.

Here's an example of the permissions you can control:


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