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Blocking in Microsoft Ads
Can I protect my Microsoft Ads campaigns?
Can I protect my Microsoft Ads campaigns?
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Fraud Blocker monitors your traffic from Microsoft Ads in the same way we do for Google Ads. We analyze the behavior of your visitor's IP address and device and score them based on their likelihood to be fraudulent/invalid (read more about how we detect fraud).

Here's a screenshot of filtering for Microsoft Ads traffic:

However, we are unable to "auto-block" bad IPs from Microsoft Ads as they do not offer IP exclusions with their API. Instead, you will need to export the bad IPs that we detect and paste them into your Microsoft's campaigns manually.

Steps to view Microsoft Ads traffic in Fraud Blocker

Viewing your traffic from Microsoft ads in your Fraud Blocker account is easy:

  1. Ensure your Microsoft Ads campaigns are "auto-tagged." This ensures your URLs are appended with Microsoft's click ID, "=msclikid". More information about auto-tagging is available here. To add auto-tagging:

    • From the collapsible menu on the left, select "All campaigns" > "Settings" > "Account level options."

    • Select the Add Microsoft Click ID (MSCLKID) to URLs to allow conversion tracking checkbox.

    • Select "Save".

  2. View the IP addresses and their fraud scores on several pages within our app:

Steps to block bad IPs from Microsoft Ads

As mentioned earlier, this needs to be done manually due to limitations with Microsoft's API.

  1. Copy the bad IPs from your Fraud Blocker account:

    • Go to your "Fraud Score" page

    • Select the "Microsoft Ads" filter at the top of the page

    • Select "Last 30 Days" in the calendar picker in the upper right corner

    • Filter traffic that is 7 or higher

    • Select "Export" > "Download as CSV" immediately above the bottom table

    • Copy all the IPs in the first column of the CSV file

  2. Paste the bad IPs into your Microsoft Ads account

    • From the collapsible menu on the left, select "Campaigns."

    • Select the checkbox next to the name of the campaign that you want to edit.

    • Select "Edit" > "Other changes".

    • From the Campaign settings dropdown menu, select "IP address exclusions".

    • Paste the bad IP addresses from your CSV file.

    • Select "Apply."

Note: Microsoft has a limit of 100 IP exclusions per campaign.

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