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Is Google's "Circumventing Systems" policy error caused by Fraud Blocker?
Is Google's "Circumventing Systems" policy error caused by Fraud Blocker?
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No. Any suspension of your Google Ads account would not be due to our platform.

We are an approved Google Ads API partner and only update your IP exclusions based on Google's API requirements. At no point would our system cause your account to be suspended.

What is Google's "Circumventing Systems" policy?

The following is not allowed: Engaging in practices that circumvent or interfere with Google's advertising systems and processes, or attempts to do so.

Examples (non-exhaustive):

  • Cloaking (showing different content to certain users, including Google, than to other users) that aims at or results in interference with Google’s review systems, or hides or attempts to hide non-compliance with Google Ads policies, such as:

    • Redirection to non-compliant content

    • Using dynamic DNS to switch page or ad content

    • Manipulating site content or restricting access to so many of your landing pages that it makes it difficult to meaningfully review your ad, site, or account

    • Using click trackers to redirect users to malicious sites

    Note: Cloaking does not include providing content personalization that adds genuine value for certain users, such as different language versions of the same content or different versions of the same content depending on the user’s internet service provider, as long as the offering is still substantially the same, the variation in content is still compliant with Google Ads policies, and Google is able to review a version of the content

  • Whether repeated or simultaneous, policy violations across any of your accounts, including using 2 or more accounts to post ads that violate this or any other Google Ads policy. For example, creating new domains or accounts to post ads that are similar to ads that have been disapproved for this or any other Google Ads policy.

  • Bypassing enforcement mechanisms and detection by creating variations of ads, domains or content that have been disapproved (for this or any Google Ads policy) or using techniques in text, images, or videos to obfuscate sexually explicit content

  • After a previous suspension decision, attempting to use the Google Ads system again by creating new accounts in order to re enter the system

  • Abusing Google Ads product features in order to show policy non-compliant content to users and/or gain additional traffic

  • Submitting false information as part of our verification programs

Special note (as of August 28, 2023): Google just updated their click tracking policy. Read more here. Fraud Blocker does NOT offer click trackers, but please be sure you are compliant with this update.

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