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What is "Risky Device"
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"Risky Device" is a type of fraud that we detect on our platform. IP addresses marked with Risky Device means that their device - mobile phone, table or computer - has displayed some unusual behavior.

You can see how many ad clicks came from a Risky Device in the "Fraud Score" page of your dashboard:

We are able to track devices based on their fingerprint. A fingerprint is a unique set of characteristics of their device. These include their operating system, their type and version of web browser being used, their browser’s language setting, font types and more. We then create a unique device ID for that user and monitor their behavior for fraud as we do with IP addresses.

For Risky Devices, we flag devices that have an unusually high ratio of IP addresses for a single visitor's device. If a single user's device visits your website from 50 different IP addresses within a week, for example, then we would flag their device as risky.

We also flag a device if visits IP addresses from an unusually high number of different countries in a short period of time. For example, if a device is using an IP address from China, Sweden and Australia in the same day then we also flag that device as risky.

It's only one indicator of many that we use to score an IP address. Risky device adds a small increase to the fraud score of an IP and we don't automatically block users if they have a risky device.

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