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How can I customize my fraud detection?
How can I customize my fraud detection?
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Fraud Blocker has a robust detection engine that looks for fraud based on the behavior of your users. This detection is provided by default are there isn't any changes you need to make to start seeing positive results on your ad performance.

However, if you would like us to be stricter or more conservative with our blocking rules for your account, then you can easily adjust those through customization in your dashboard. Each customization allows you to pause or start a specific fraud rule such as pausing our detection of "Accidental Clicks" or blocking any users that fall outside of a specific country, "Geo-Blocking."

Steps to customize how we detect fraud users for your account:

1. Go to the "Customizations" area of your Fraud Blocker dashboard. There are 8 customizations to choose from.

2. Select the detection rule you would like to enable/disable and select the appropriate toggle on the right. For some rules, you will need to enter information and press "Save."


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