What is the "IP Clarity" data?
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Fraud Blocker monitors your ad traffic and provides you with "Fraud Scores" for every IP address of your visitor.

These scores are based on monitoring dozens of fraud signals and ultimately calculating a score. In your dashboard you are shown the score for each IP along with the "primary" type of fraud, if it exists.

"IP Clarity" is a new feature that allows you to see the breakdown of factors that we use to detect fraud along with the degree each one played in it determining it's score. We created this based on feedback from our customers who said they wanted more details around scoring for each IP address.

ip clarity fraud blocker

Steps to view the IP Clarity

1) Go to your Fraud Score or Reports page

2) Hover over the "fraud score" for any IP address in your account to view the "IP Clarity" for that IP.


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